martes, 21 de febrero de 2012

Carpe Diem

Todor Kovakov /Emily Haines

The story gets up and for my part I wait up
in hoping for the real one, they saw my love undone

Who gets over you? Who gets over you?

False get older then wise, held so tight
False get older then why hold

Reached my summer low
and I told myself I didnt mind
Told myself I would be fine, but Im not
Told myself I could be all that you are not

Our fights well always stage
and both lose

Painful Overplayed

Now can you tell me
my lies are still all mine

Hey, Im unadulterated!
I would never want you back
Its a shame we never made it
Left it running all night long
It ran out

So much for carpe diem
I fold under and hide

Im on the run away
Soon ill fly
Close and far away
Day and night
My lies are all mine

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